Serving Julian, Lake Cuyamaca and Mount Laguna Recreation Areas 

Welcome to Julian Mountain RV and Trailer Repair LLC

           A retired Navy veteran, Chip Jarman has spent much of his career working as a technician in both the US Navy and as a Federal Contractor on 12-volt marine and RV systems. He has also been an RV enthusiast for over 35 years and during that time has enjoyed exploring and camping throughout the Julian, Lake Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountain recreation areas.

         Chip now brings his passion for RV maintenance & repair to the mountains of Julian and surrounding areas to provide RV owners on-site service with an emphasis on local hospitality and diagnostics with an attention to detail.

         Chip received his RV technician certification from the RV Training Center (RVTC) of Clearwater, Florida - one of only two schools in the US that provides an extensive three month hands-on training curriculum covering all aspects of RV repair.

Chip Jarman              RVTC Certified RV Repair Technician